News and Events

You can add your own County Bar Association information here, including pictures and other media. You can edit them as often as you like. The 10 most recent posts will be displayed and older ones will be archived.

It’s a good way to communicate with the public and with members of your association.

Add a picture and tell a story.  You can insert pictures from your computer and edit them from within the Dashboard to make them fit well.  They will be saved to the media library where you can access them at any time. You can make them different sizes and place them in locations within the text of your story. You can use different types of media, including images, video, documents, spreadsheets, forms, or almost anything you can imagine.  The media can be displayed or you can set a link to open it in another window.  It can be left as long as you want, or removed when the News and Events change, and it’s time to replace it with a picture of the next News and Event you think would be of interest to your viewers.


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