News & Events

News and Events

You can add your own County Bar Association information here, including pictures and other media. You can edit them as often as you like. The 10 most recent posts will be displayed and older ones will be archived. It’s a … read more

List of Members

The site has a directory of members of the County Bar Association.  The President can upload a list of members and individuals can add a new profile with approval of the president. Members can update their profile as often as … read more

Attorney Spotlight

Each time someone visits the site, an attorney is randomly selected from the member directory and displayed in the spotlight area below.  The County Bar Association President must approve individual members and designate them for display, but the site does … read more


You can edit the titles and content of the pages above or add new ones to fit your County Bar Association needs. You can add a page for CLE, Court forms, Dues payment, or almost anything else you can imagine.

President and Officers

You can display pictures and contact information for your County Bar Association President and other officers in the column to the right.  When your term is over, the next President simply updates the information.

Attorney Spotlight

Danielle Young (Example)

Danielle Young, PC

more bar assoc [ more information ]

Contact Danielle Young (Example)

Phone: 405-333-4444

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